This section contains the courses I completed towards my Bachelors of Computer Science at University of Waterloo.

Computer Science Courses

CS 488 Computer Graphics
CS 486 Artificial Intelligence
CS 448 Database Management
CS 447 Software Test/Qual Assur & Maint
CS 446 Software Design & Architecture
CS 445 Software Requirements Specification and Analysis
CS 350 Operating Systems
CS 349 User Interfaces
CS 370 Numerical Computation
CS 341 Algorithms
CS 240 Data Structures and Data Management
CS 246 Software Abstraction and Specification
CS 241 Foundations of Sequential Programs
CS 251 Computer Organization and Design
CS 245 Logic and Computation
CS 134 Principles of Computer Science
CS 130 Developing Programming Principles
Stat 231 Statistics
Stat 230 Probability
Math 136 Linear Algebra 1
Math 135 Algebra
Math 138 Calculus 2
Math 137 Calculus 1
Math 239 Intro to Combinatorics
Elective Courses

Phil 145 Critical Thinking
Phil 243 Creative Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making
Msci 211 Organizational Behaviour
SCI 206 Physics of How Things Work
Chem 120 Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter
Chem 120L Chemical Reaction Laboratory
Chem 123 Chemical Reactions, Equilibria and Kinetics
Chem 266 Basic Organic Chemistry
Acc 121 Understanding and Using Financial Accounting Information
Music 140 Popular Music and Culture
STV 100 Society, Technology and Values
Clas 252 Roman History
Clas 103 Augustus and Constantine
Clas 251 Greek History
Psych 101 Intro to Psychology
Soc 101 Intro to Sociology
RS 100L Evil